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Te pae tawhiti whaia kia mau, Te pae tata whakamaua kia tina!
We are a community which values respect, honesty, relationships and learning.

Welcome to Mokoia Intermediate School

Like you and your parents, we know each child is unique. So we provide quality diverse opportunities to meet your needs.   We commit to listening to you and to working co-operatively with you and your family.

We are a team passionate about and skilled in delivering learning opportunities of excellent quality to meet your needs in these emergent adolescent middle years of schooling.  All our work is based on sound research of educational best practice for you.  We know that emergent adolescence from about 10 to about 13 years is a unique phase. Your intellectual, physical, social and emotional development will be greater than at any other age except from birth to 2 years.  These are crucial and exciting years for you.  Mokoia, as an intermediate school, is specially designed to meet the learning and development needs of your age group. Both inside and outside the classroom, you will utilize your tremendous energies and stretch yourself in all aspects of learning. You will have fun while you develop strategies for lifelong learning. 
We have the highest expectations of our students and of ourselves. We expect that staff and students will all respect themselves and others,  relish learning  and  reflect on their current learning to plan the next steps in development. We expect that we will all try all the diverse opportunities offered at Mokoia.
We show our genuine commitment to a learning community of quality to meet your needs by providing:
·         In non specialist classes, some extra choices in groupings to meet your needs, interests and talents
-          specialised classes and across the school extension groups to meet the needs of gifted and talented children.
-          laptop classes to meet your needs if you have a special interest or abilities in digital technologies.
-          specialised class if you want the opportunity of immersion Maori language learning.
-          well staffed and effective programmes of extra learning support for you if there are areas in which you have difficulties.
·         Excellent programmes in English and Mathematic - many of you will make more than a year’s progress for each year you are at Mokoia
·         A robust approach to help you learn critical thinking skills and use them in problem based learning scenarios, which are interesting, authentic and relevant (and to apply them in other areas).
·         Specialist teachers and excellent facilities for all the technologies and for Science, Art and Music
·         International language learning in different languages
·         A very wide range of sports and arts activities – many of you will gain representative status and you will all develop new interests
·         Opportunities to make new friends, strengthen friendships and socialise, learning new skills.
·         Lots of different situations in which you can develop your leadership skills
·         A strong pastoral care system with in school support for you and your families and great relationships with outside agencies for further support
At Mokoia, you can look forward to making excellent academic progress, having fun and getting involved in a wide range of new areas of learning, developing social and citizenship skills and being well prepared for secondary school. We look forward to working with you and your parents and whanau.
Sincere regards     
Deborah Epp
B.Sc    Dip.Tchg

Welcome to Mokoia Intermediate School

  Haere mai ki te kura o Mokoia


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