Our Shared Vision Statement

At Mokoia Intermediate School students and teachers are engaged in learning activities which are fun, challenging, co-operative and on the cutting edge of Education.  Our aim is to have happy, caring and enthusiastic students & teachers who desire to be at Mokoia Intermediate School because they love learning.

'Te Tihi o Mana' - 'The Peak of Mana' represents the peak of self empowerment.  It is upheld by three pillars, they are; Whakaiti - Humility, Ūpoko Pakaru - Resilience and Kōmaitanga - a sense of achievement. These are our new school values and will encompasses everything we do, embedding our values so they become normalised and will give our Mokoia students solid foundations to be model citizens. 

Our 'Behaviour Plan' begins with developing strong relationships based on honesty and mutual respect.  It focuses on positive messages and positive affirmations, rewarding and acknowledging desired behaviours.  It is simple and clear and is implemented with consistency.  Parents, senior managers, staff and students support each other.  No child is allowed to interfere with the learning of other children.



We value 'Te Tihi o Mana' concepts as key to facilitating effective student engagement and achievement.  Students have an input into what they are learning and are able to develop their passions and interests.  This promotes discovery and inquiry learning which allows students to pursue and investigate their interests with teachers as facilitators. We have less teacher talk and more student investigation.  Teachers teach the process and students choose the context.  Our students enjoy thinking beyond set knowledge.

Students develop the ability to think positively about themselves, and are confident to have a go and take risks to attempt something new.  They have a balance of creative, critical and lateral thinking skills and can think outside the square.  They are good problem solvers, good listeners, skilled at working cooperatively and have the ability to converse.  Our students think independently and are comfortable to challenge ideas and beliefs with active alternatives in mind.  A multi-dimensional approach to discovery incorporating technology enhances the power of students’ learning.

All staff and students receive the feedback they need for their ongoing growth and development.  Each person is valued and supported.  Time is set aside on a daily basis for feedback and reflection. Teachers assist students to be involved in self assessment so they can identify current success and the next steps to move forward.  Our students are also skilled in peer assessment.

Joyful learning for each student is supported by flexibility of time and programmes. We share a determination to ‘decram’ the curriculum, so there is a focus on powerful learning processes and the provision of spaces to support children with significant barriers to learning. 

At Mokoia Intermediate School everyone is respectful, professional and open minded.  We accept and respect difference.  Our culture is based on strong relationships.  Families are kept informed and up to date.  We work together with parents and caregivers to ensure the best learning for every child in our care.


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