This is our ONE STOP SHOP for dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic. You should overtime (under continual development) find all the information that you will need in this section of our website.

It is my expectation that not a lot of online/home learning will occur in the next three days (August 18, 19 and 20). Your teachers are humans too. They need time to come to grips with the situation that we are all dealing with, just the same as all other families. Some staff have highly compromised family members and they are busy trying to sort ‘care issues’ for their families. 

So, parents and students please be kind and have patience with your teachers.  I have no doubt we will end up running quality home/online programmes but it will not happen instantaneously. 


9-11am is preferred online teaching time via (video chat) up to 5 hours over the week but arrange specific times for their own children’s needs with an expectation that students either email or seesaw and post to teachers once a week with the work they have been doing. 

 No contact with parents/students after 4.30pm, and not on weekends - likewise for teachers (if possible).

Teachers will set a time for face to face as suited to their students. Recordings of lessons can be used as an alternative to teaching each day. Review and change as we go. 

The goal is to make it as less stressful as possible for all stakeholders.

Do not expect your teachers to answer any emails sent outside of these hours, on the weekend or in the holidays. Please be reasonable. In extreme cases of ‘unreasonableness’, we reserve the right to block emails and lockout student accounts. 

For password or login issues….

Logins only

All other APPS please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

The first full-on day of home/online learning will be Monday 23 August.

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