This is the core business we do everyday as teachers and support staff, we are here to teach, guide and inquire about learning for your child with the best education we can deliver everyday. Every decision that we make is for the betterment of your child and all that is encompassed in learning.


Our diverse curriculum programme will give every teacher the flexibility to adapt their teaching to each individual or group situations whether in the classroom, in the school or outside the school. Resources will be purchased to enhance all learning programmes in our school and every teacher including students will have input.

How it works...

You enrol your child or children in to the best school in Aotearoa, Mokoia Intermediate and we provide them with the best education. 'Simply the Best' & a 'Simple Formula'

Why Us? / What you can expect

We are going to create an environment at Mokoia Intermediate which is the best around. Our students will love coming to school to learn, to have fun, to be challenged, engaged and unconditionally loved with respect. Why wouldn't you want your child here. Mokoia the place to be!