We are here to ensure that every child is treated fairly, and that their well-being is paramount. We need all our children to be engaged in learning by feeling well, emotionally, physically and mentally. It is our job to know when your child walks through our school gates that they are ready for learning. Support by parents will help us to do our best.


We will have programmes in place, which will create a happy environment, respectful and resourceful. Every child deserves the best and we will be here to assist and listen to any child who needs someone to talk too. 

How it works...

If a child is identified through the class teacher and recorded through our student management system this will be received by the deputy principal of pastoral care. The most appropriate action will be investigated to find guidance and assistance for the child. 

Why Us? / What you can expect

We will ensure every situation is addressed for the best outcome for our students, and we will continue until resolution is in place and the student feels safe.