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Deborah Epp - Principal

Jackie Jones - Deputy Principal

Annemarie Hyde - Deputy Principal


Kathryn McMurdo - K1


Tessa McNamara - K3


Brigit Nieuwboer - K4


Learning Centre Leader


Joseph Assen - P1


Anna Hay - P2


Jenni Markotsis - P3




 Tracey Low - P4


Learning Centre Leader

Barbara O'Donnell - W4


Learning Centre Leader

Glen Law - W2


Shannon Brake - W1 



Gareth Upston - W3



Taimona Panapa - Rumaki K2


Chris Bashford - Technology



 Nick Rowe - Technology 


Learning Centre Leader

Peter Hobdell-Music


 Sue Rasdall - School Secretary


Margaret Shearer - Receptionist


Janet Du Fall-Executive Officer


Gail Forge-Library and Resource Manager

Ron James - Caretaker

Lyn Brown - Literacy/Numeracy Support



Heather Harper - Literacy/Numeracy Support

George Hapi - Kaiarahi Reo



Greg Hyde - Groundsman




Moana Hunter -  Learning Support










Sharon Brunton - Dental Therapist


Amy Mansell - Dental Therapist 

Ashley Ha - Dental Therapist